From time to time, my book MAGNIFICENT MINDS: 16 Pioneering Women in Science and Medicine, shows up as #1 bestseller in its Amazon category. That’s wonderful: I’ve seen lots of authors promote themselves as Amazon bestselling authors! and now I can be one of them.

Of course, it helps to be in a rare category, such as Teen History of Science. (At the moment I’m writing this, my two books are #3 and #4 on this list, which changes order often!) Reaching #1 in Adult Literary Fiction would be a lot harder.

What also helps is getting on lists of recommended books. Both MAGNIFICENT MINDS and its companion book REMARKABLE MINDS were listed in the 2016 list of Outstanding Science Trade Books by the National Science Teachers Association and Children’s Book Council. Of all the awards out there, this is one that really means something to science teachers and school librarians.


The big boost this week was a wonderful list of science gifts for girls called “Want to Raise a Rocket Scientists?” The piece, Linda Kekelis and Kara Semmet, two scholars and activists for girls’ science empowerment, appeared on a Huffington Post blog.

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